Rockets & Robots

Letters from Teachers

“Hello Robert, Thank you for the wonderful assemblies you presented to our preschool and elementary children. Your marvelous storytelling and exquisite models captured the attention of our students! Our school was looking for a STEM assembly, and what you presented exceeded our expectations. Thank you for sharing your passion and inspiring our children to pursue careers in STEM fields. “

~Tiffanee Reynolds, M.A. 4th / 5th Grade Science Teacher & Assembly Coordinator, Kirk O' The Valley School, Reseda, CA

“Dear Mr. Redman, I want to personally thank you for your exciting presentation to the Student Leadership Students of El Dorado Elementary School. Your use of models, videos and a science experiment captivated my Leadership students. This thank you letter also serves as a letter of recommendation of your program, and acknowledges your efforts to expand your outreach to other schools and communities. Your program has my wholehearted support.“

Jim York, Director, El Dorado Student Leadership Program, Lancaster, CA

“Mr. Redman, Thank you for an amazing assembly. All the students and teachers were raving! We were all very pleased. Mr Harris, the principal, said he will definitely refer you to other schools. Thank you for an engaging, exciting, and informational assembly!”

Christine Farella, Sacred Heart Parish School Coronado, CA

“Hi Bob, Your assembly was one of the best I've ever seen in the years I've been teaching. The kids were amazingly engaged! Thank you for arranging this wonderful assembly for Acacia. It was out of this world!!!”

Tricia Hoxworth, Teacher, Acacia Elementary School Thousand Oaks, CA

Dear Mr. Redman, It was quite refreshing to have an assembly that excited the students without all the media and hype that tends to be a part of many presentations these days. Many teachers and students thanked me for bringing you to our school. We highly recommend other schools to invite you to present your Rockets and Robots Assembly!”

Lynda Diaz, Valencia Elementary PTA, Programs Upland, CA

“Bob, I just had to let you know that I have heard more positive comments about your assembly than all of the assemblies I have booked for the last two years. You did a great job, the kids loved it! In addition to my son, I have heard from numerous teachers and other students who really enjoyed it. Great job! Thanks again!”

Jane White, PTA - First VP - Assemblies La Fetra Elem., Glendora, CA

“Dear Bob, Your assembly was fabulous! I've never seen the kids' attention so riveted... just hanging on every word... Fabulous! Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks again for a wonderful experience - well worth those hard-earned fundraising dollars!!”

Sincerely, Laura Misner, President, Loyola Village Booster Club Westchester, CA

“Bob Just wanted to thank you for a great assembly. My daughter couldn't stop talking about it at dinner. We both learned so much about space travel. You really made the experience come to life through discussion, demonstration and the use of your models. We'll keep you on our list and hope to see you again. Happy Holidays!”

Best Regards, Michele Arnold, Neil Armstrong PTA, Assembly Chair San Ramon, CA

“Dear Bob, I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful Rockets and Robots assembly at our school. You did such an amazing job. I had so many teachers come up and thank me for bringing you to our school, they said it was one of our best shows ever. The children are still talking about it this week. I would love to have you back at our school, and I will recommend you to our PTA board next year as well.”

Kerry Parker; PTA, VP - Programs, Red Hawk Elementary, Temecula, CA

"Dear Mr. Redman, Your assembly was truly exceptional! I have booked many assemblies for our school and have never seen the students so engaged in a speaker before. We all learned so much from you. You are a natural born teacher. I wish you were part of our faculty! Thank you!"

Doreen Hutton - VP Programs - PTA, Solana Pacific Elementary, San Diego, CA

"Bob, You were magnificent! What a gift to be able to explain the space program in such an entertaining way that you have all ages enraptured! Children to great-grandmas! All of them loved it, Bob. You hit one for us out of the ball-park! Please feel free to refer people to me for recommendations! Thank you sooo much!"

Sue Jones- Children's Librarian, Pleasanton Library, Pleasanton, CA

"Bob, Thank you so much for the assemblies - what a terrific treat for the students! The teachers were also quite pleased and impressed. They felt that you had a very positive way with the students and that you definitely kept their attention! "

Janice Kalwei, Principal, St. Louise School, Covina, CA

"Dear Bob, I was very impressed with your ease with students and your depth of knowledge. When you talked about being weightless in space, I could just see you floating! My teachers were all raving about your assemblies afterwards! Students were truly engaged with you. Thank you for a quality assembly!"

Dr. Dorthia Thompson, Principal, Tierra Bonita North Elementary, Lancaster, CA

“Bob, This was excellent! With elementary schools, it’s sometimes hard to keep the the children’s attention. The show kept moving right along. Bob is an excellent speaker with great visuals. The show was highly age-appropriate and very interesting to our students. The explanations were very detailed, exciting and fun!”

Christie Melanson, Principal, St. Francis School, Azuza, CA.

“Hi Bob, I would just like to thank you again for your wonderful assembly on Friday! You are amazing! All the kids were so excited about your presentation and many of the teachers commented that this was the best assembly our school has had! Not only was it informative, but also very entertaining! To have that many children in a room at one time and still you could hear a pin drop! Incredible! You really do have a gift. Thank you for your wonderful show! ”

Arlene Duncan - Assembly Coordinator, Cordillera Elementary School, Mission Viejo, Ca

“Hi Mr. Redman, The first word that comes to mind when I think about our assembly on Friday with you is WOW! I was so impressed with the way that you were able to engage all of the students K-6. The looks on their faces were of complete engagement and wonder. Parents are still talking about your presentation. I would highly recommend your assembly to any school. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you'd like to in the future.”

Thank you, Heather Ramsey, Assembly Coordinator, Summit Elementary, Ojai, CA

“I found Bob Redman’s assembly on Rockets & Robots thoroughly entertaining. It really held our students interest through the entire run. We wish it could have been even longer!”

Mike Lawshe, Principal, Mountain View Elementary School, Claremont, CA

“Rockets and Robots was very informative and very well presented by Bob Redman. The kids loved it! We could have listened to an additional three hours, it was that good.”

Diane Reeves, Assembly Coordinator, Elizabeth Lake School Elizabeth Lake, CA.

“Bob can tailor the program to any age level. Kindergarten through second grade was just as interested as the eighth grade students.”

Micki Migasi, Principal, Bethel Christian School, Lancaster, CA

Actual Letters from Students

"Dear Mr. Redman, after your presentation,you made me want to work for NASA. You also made me want to go to Mars with my friends. P.S. If I got to name the mission I would name it The Cozo Mission. Thank You."

"Mr. Redman is a kind and respectful man. He took time to make sure we understood what he was saying. I enjoyed how he didn't just tell us how things worked, but he would take household objects and create the things he explained. I think he is a great person.”

"You are very creative. I like how you teach in a fun and funny way.”

"I loved how you talked about the robots and the rockets. All the models were very interesting. I would love for you to come and teach us more about robots and rockets again.”

"I really, really loved the assembly you did at our school. I loved everything about the assembly but if I had to choose one thing I really loved was all the fascinating models you showed to us.”

"I really enjoyed what you had to say. I thought it was very interesting and so cool how you made the models just like in real life. It was awesome and I really want to have another Rocket and Robot assembly again.Thank You!”

"I thought your assembly was incredibly amazing. Your models were fabulous and so detailed. I loved your hot air balloon demonstration.”

Letters from Parents

“Bob Redman's precious gift is his ability to excite children with his fascinating interactive show, "Rockets and Robots." Having seen him in action, it's clear that his love of teaching and his magical approach to aerospace technology will continue to inspire children of all ages. We endorse Bob's future projects and eagerly await another opportunity to watch him in action."

Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall

(Kennedy/Marshall Company; Producers of many Steven Spielberg movies. Kathleen is president of Lucasfilm.) Parents, Santa Monica, CA

“Bob did a great job demonstrating the elements of spaceflight. I’m 50 and I got a lot out of the presentation. I learned more in 10 minutes than I would have reading an entire National Geographic on the subject. The kids were quiet and attentive and were completely absorbed in the presentation.”

John Fields, parent, Cornerstone Elementary. Rancho Palos Verde, CA.